Abejas Boutique’s New Mid-Century Modern Building Feels Like Home

02-28-2017 | News

In October 2016,  Abejas Boutique owner Christina Mitchell opened the doors to the shop’s new “home” — a completely renovated free-standing, mid-century modern building at 2517 South Boulevard.
Christina envisioned a community destination for customers to sip, socialize, nosh, shop and linger. “Customers get fed, relax a bit more and enjoy the visit. Something so rare in today’s fast-paced world. The space imparts the feeling of being in a great friend’s fabulous home,” she explains. “A space that we can share fashion and conversation. You won’t want to leave.”
We couldn’t agree more! On a recent visit, we sipped margaritas on the patio and fed the chickens in the urban chicken coop. Be sure to stop by and say hello to the cool chicks when you get a chance. You’ll bee happy you did. Even Vogue magazine recommends a visit!